Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Maximise The Google Friend Connect Implications For
Social Media

Connect With Google Friend Connect To Be Truly Social

What Is Google Friend Connect

There has been a lot of talk about Google Friend Connect since it was launched as a site socialisation tool by Google. If you're not familiar with friend connect and what it can do here's a quick run down.

Google friend connect was designed to overcome two obstacles preventing the spread of social feautures across the web. First was the need to get over the problem of having to register and add friends to each site a user wanted to join. Secondly, a lot of site owners wanted to add social features to sites to allow friends to interract but found the tools too difficult to work with. Friend connect allows even the most technically challenged website owner the opportunity to add a social tool with the click of a button and with more and more sites incorporating Google Friend Connect by the day users will be able to share the site experience across the web with friends and followers.

If you visit a website using Google Friend Connect you will be able to see, invite and interract with friends within the site turning the site into a social media platform in seconds. But what does this mean for you as the site owner and how can you maximize the google friend connect implications for social media?

Google Friend Connect Implications for Social Media

The truth is that not all websites are, or intend to be, social media platforms and at first glance google friend connect may seem like one more added responsibility for the over burdened website owner. But with more and more people using sites like facebook, Myspace and YouTube and finding friends with similar interests and likes the savvy site owner needs to take a serious look at friend connect as a means of not only attracting visitors to their site but keeping them there once they have arrived.

With Google Friend Connect social feautures such as user registration, members gallery, messaging and friend invitations can be added to a site with a snippet of coding, enabling what was formerly a one or at best two way conversation to be fully engaged across an entire community. This is a great feature and one which will allow smaller sites to compete against the big boys by providing interesting valuable content which site user will be attracted to and in turn will introduce to their own followers.

So the answer is simple; find your niche, find people with a similar interest to yours within that niche, engage them, entertain them and connect with them through Google Friend Connect and your site will soon begin to soar high above its competitors in the social media skies.